Friday, September 18, 2009

Bike Crash & Moving to

I'm moving the blog since I started my coaching business officially and I'm no longer sponsored by Polar. My posts will be here instead of my former blog more and more.

I had a bike wreck last night.

I had just arrived at intervals and was holding the right side of the road soft pedaling in order to let the peleton pass me. Then a guy who has only been out there a few times tries to cut me off and his inability to be aware of where his body was overlaps my rear wheel as he is moving left to right. I never had a chance to reach for the brakes. He slammed into me making a strong move right when he would have been clear of me in tenths of a second. I was forced into the curb and then dragged down to the tarmac as he started to go down. He didn't.

I'm airborne. I land on my left shoulder. Nothing broken but I cannot support weight with my arm at all. So my muskie fishing trip with my brother is out, so is most training and Sunday's race but back to the crash. I'm sliding on the ground and the first of the two cyclists to hit me lands on me. Luckily for me (and her) it was Kai. She ways about 115 lbs. soaking wet. She was missing a little skin from after she slid off of me and actually finished the workout. The bikes are now caught up and the chain rings stab me fairly well on my calf. and lower leg. Looks like a 8" tall person with a knife attacked my legs. I have no skin on my knuckles of my right hand.

As I am watching bikes fly over me I think, "Well at least it wasn't too bad and nobody hit me." Just then my friend Tom literally rides up my inner thigh. 1" right and I'm in a different section of the church choir. Tom does his best Superman impersonation and lands flat on his back. (Ow!)

My Lynskey R420... dented (from what I'm told) - it is Ti so looks like my frame will make a trip to Tennessee for a looksee. My fork (Alpha Q) is so shattered that we would need a broom and dust pan to get it all off the road. Chris King headset... blew apart.

I will talk with coach today but my plan is for indoor cycling on the trainer and a lot of walking. I'm thankful that one bad rider didn't hurt Tom, Kai or me worse. Bikes can be replaced. Mine took the worst of all of them. Pictures on Saturday.

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