Sunday, November 29, 2009

Excellence is Never an Accident

It's Thanksgiving. Can't you just eat this this weekend? No. Can't you skip workout just for today? No.

"There is always an excuse for losers" according to my brother. Watch a losing team and you'll hear excuses. Pro football players are getting better at hiding them but you will hear them if you listen closely. Pro triathletes generally will draft and then blame the marshals, the course or "Call it in as a mechanical mate." Excuses are like anuses. Everyone has 'em and they all stink. (credit a former boss for that one)

I agree. This week I started following a strict eating program as my sloth and injuries over the last two years is now around my waist. In spite of an "eating holiday" I have lost 4.5 lbs. and the weigh in is tomorrow. Trust me, I wasn't cutting back or counting calories. I was eating the right foods and hitting all my workouts and magically I have lost weight.

Take personal accountability for your actions. If you're fat. You ate too much in relation to your activity and you made poor food choices. Admit it, we can all see it. I respect a person more if they can admit their short comings (after all... we are human) and then work to erase them. I value work ethic very much.

Excellence is never an accident.

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