Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Goal vs. Target Part I

A brief update from Saturday's public speaking engagement. It was an honor to be considered for the book Second Acts That Change Lives: Making a Difference in the World. To be asked to speak with the author about the book and ALS was a highlight of my year. Barnes and Noble SOLD OUT of two Mary Beth Sammons books Saturday. A crowd of about 40 people listened intently as we discussed what we had lived. This may be deserving of a full blog entry later this week. I was even asked to autograph a few books!

This November I have asked my athletes to begin "deep thinking" their goals. I do this as well. What I've asked for is a set of goals and targets. It is a concept I learned from Bobby McGee this summer. For example, one client in the past had a goal of "lose 100 pounds". I've asked her to change that to a target. Her goals are much more "simple" than that. They are 1) Get to bed at a consistent time daily 2) Eat according to her nutrition plan (built by her registered dietitian), and 3) Do her workouts to the best of her ability within the parameters her coach sets for her (me).

Did you notice the difference?

The target is something we are working toward, but often don't control enough of the variables. A metric. A "SMART goal" by other people's definition of goals. The goal is a daily habit that we do in order to get to that target. Often, we control most, if not all of the variables that impact our achievement of the goal.

Understanding that difference is the first step to success.

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  1. Thanks Bob for writing about this. I'm starting to see the difference. IT was hard for me at first, but I think I'm getting the hang of it. Thanks.