Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Goals: SMART Goals

Smart is a great way of creating a meaningful goal.

S = Strategic and Specific - This must answer the question of who and what?

M = Measurable - How can progress be measured? This method needs to be consistent.

A = Attainable - Realistic... if you want to lose weight, planning a weight loss of more than 2 lbs. per week is unrealistic, unsafe and unfair. Plan it right. Make it incremental.

R = Results Oriented / Relevant / Rigorous - The goal have to MEAN SOMETHING to you. Emotionally. If you are not moved to launch out of bed when tired or keep moving when exhausted it may not be the right goal for you. Fatigue makes things very difficult.

T = Time Bound - Tony Robbins once said, "A goal without a deadline is a dream." This is the stuff of goal vs target. When?

Smart goals take time to think through. Isn't that the point? I work with a lot of clients who tell me they want to lose weight. "OK, you lost 2 lbs. Are we done?" Of course not! A specific goal is needed. I want to lose 40 lbs. over the course of the next 25 weeks in order to (fill in the blank). You get the idea.

Ask your coach to help you through these goals. If he or she doesn't know how to help you plan an individual goal and season plan based on your background and athletic experience you may want to look to Kokua Multisports for help.

Sleep fast!

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