Sunday, February 14, 2010

5th Annual Cycle for ALS

Wow! After a difficult build up to the day we had a spectacular day! Staley the Chicago Bear, the only Bear in the photo above, he was a huge hit with all the kids and the adults at the Y.

We raised $3,116 in six hours (not counting online donations that are still being counted). We were visited by Aimee (; mother of three young children and all too young and full of life to have to deal with ALS. Her children know too much about ALS, wakes and funeral services. More than any child should ever have to comprehend and attend. Yet, these kids handle the media and congressmen with ease.

We hope you take a moment to learn a little about ALS. Unlike Cancer, missing from the ALS dictionary are words like treatment and survivor. If you get diagnosed today, you get no treatment. Nothing. That's BS in 2010.

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