Monday, February 1, 2010

Give 'er the Gas

January was a good start for Kokua athletes; not a great start, but a good start. (Coach included.)

Several of my athletes are making great progress and it is still only February 1st. This is good. I'm very happy with where we all sit right now, but not satisfied. January wasn't perfect. Few months are. We try to achieve perfect and if we land on outstanding, well, we can live with outstanding.

It's times like these when collecting metrics actually is a detriment to progress. Normally, the numbers in the log start the juices flowing and encourage me to work more. At the end of each month when I look back, sometimes I feel like I've accomplished a lot. Clients too. We have. We made it through the coldest, darkest month getting up at 4AM to hit the pool and suffer in cycling rooms and running on dark trails with a head lamp hoping to God that all the coyotes are sleeping or at least have eaten. The other day I found a mostly eaten (and rather large) deer body which had little bit marks in it. A coyote victim. On this trail, I have seen two or three animals running together.

February isn't the time to be happy with yourself no matter how great you've been in January. "We don't train to be good. We train to be great." Now that the clients have a good start to the year we step on the throat of our challenges. Eat perfectly. Hit all the workouts - duration, heart rate, power. Keep it on the run.

Nice job everyone. Now give 'er the gas!

Coach Bob

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  1. Sounds like a very solid start to 2010 - for you and your athletes! YEA!!! Keep it up Bob - GREAT things to come this season :)