Sunday, March 14, 2010

5 lbs.

Yesterday was my second weights workout with Inrid Marcum. Ingrid is a champion weightlifter with eyes on London as was nearly in the Vancouver games as a bobsled "pusher" for USA III this February.

I've been doing a similar weight workout for 11 years. It is triathlon specific. It is full body. It is a combination of Troy Jacobson, Mark Allen and Dave Scott. It is a great fitness routine. It still works.

As I've gotten into the older age groups I've looked to change my training routines to find a higher degree of fitness. I've changed coaches to a coach who owns age group world records from 25 to 51 as well as runs a successful business and has a family. I've added power training on my bike. Specific bike strength. Additionally, I've added swim power training as well as run power training. I can't tell you about that without a business relationship.

Lastly, my strength work. As an athlete coming from a 100/200, and 200/400 swimming background I realized one very important thing about me. I am strong. Sounds ridiculous I know, but for the first time in my triathlon career I am training my strengths and truly developing my weaknesses.

Today, I feel like I got my ass kicked. You know what the heaviest weight I lifted yesterday was? 5 lbs. Who knew? I couldn't even push my bike at a comfortable pace without my heart rate taking off. I started the workout with a power average in mind. I finished at the Jr. high girls team average. My legs were shot. Running was like I had mud on my feet. Sure, I was turning the legs over at my assigned cadence, but somewhere on my run I think I was passed by a grandmother and a baby carriage. Swimming.... pathetic. I was waiting for the guard to tell me "no snorkeling practice" or a water walker to pass me. Mikey likes it. If I'm that wrecked from these workouts I am most likely finding my soft spots.

Next Saturday we do it again.

PS: Here is our new cool down partner. Greta the Golden Retriever. (5 months old Saturday) most of the time, she is a great companion and lovely lady. Other times, she is gnawing on my arm as her adult teeth come in.

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  1. Hey Bob! You have been quiet so I stopped by your blog to make sure all is good with you!!! The pic of Greta is too cute. GLAD you are feeling good and enjoying things! :))