Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fuzzy Slippers: The Best Part of Being Unemployed

Here is a great shot of my fuzzy slipper. She weighs 43 lbs. (sorry to rat out your real weight Greta). She is soft, warm, usually clean, and if you don't mind the occasional dog lick; lovely.

I got to "make history" last Wednesday, becoming one of ~20+ other people to be RIF'd for the first time in my former employer's 45 year history. Sometimes making history isn't so great.

Today, I'll go off the coaching and triathlon path to talk about perspective and mental health. First, a quick story. When Lorrie and I were on a cruise in February (celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary - where have the 10 years gone? Oh, yes... chasing Ironman.) I was running on the ship's deck enjoying the 85 F, 70% humidity and the warm, embracing rays of the sun when 30 large whales surfaced near the ship and started spouting. These beautiful mammals gliding through the water with grace and beauty... and as big as a city bus. I thought about the power it takes to move something that big through the water. Ironic, since I was on a 113,000 ton ship that is burning 11,000 TONS of diesel an hour so 3,000 people can buy cheap jewelry, liquor and over eat for a week. I still love to be at sea. Something about the water makes me at home. Getting RIF'd didn't matter when I thought about the whales and the peace and power of the sea.

Since we picked up Greta in December, on a 0 F, frigid day, I have taken a moment in each day to enjoy everything that is Greta. Her silly looks. Her pungent smells (usually after I drop some cheese by mistake). Her curiosity in anything new to her. Lastly, her love of Lorrie and I and anything we do. She is our dog-er (daughter). No kids? No problem... we have a female dog.
Greta is extremely intelligent. She has figured out doors. Where treats are stored (even when she was outside when we put them away). She knows the sound of a carrot bag opening from a different floor in the house. She knows which people she can trust and which she should avoid. She can be a bit of a diva... even as a young puppy she has a "bask in my glow" look from time to time.
Or someone to crash with and watch Universal Sports after a long run.
It has been good to have a stretching partner.
Someone to enjoy the setting sun on the top of a hill with the breeze in our hair, scratch that... fur.
Most importantly, another friendly face to come home to after a long day of training who doesn't care what your watts, kcals, or heartrate was. She's just glad you're home. Even if you are taking her picture standing in front of the TV. She was busted in this picture.
...and no matter how hard yesterday was. We get up and start early on every day starting with a "y". It's what we do. Greta is the ultimate "JFT" training partner. Yesterday is history. Tomorrow a mystery. That's why I live in the present baby.

I will find work where I am valued and make a difference. A place that is making a profit, even in this economic depression. Until then, see you on the trails...


  1. Awwwwwwwwwwww! LOVE all the Greta pictures ;) She's such a sweetheart!

  2. OMG OMG OMG! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Greta - she is fantastic! Hugs to the three of you (and thanks for both your and Lorrie's messages - they mean a lot to this pneumonia-plagued gal!). Is it awful to admit that after seeing Doug in "Up" and your Greta, that maybe - just maybe - I really really really want a "puppy" of my own? :)

  3. Thanks Molly. She has a really kind personality and loves to play. Still scared of sneezes, but she has started to "protect bark" at things that she thinks are coming after Lorrie or I. I can't wait to bring her to a lake and go swimming.

  4. Hi Marit, Lorrie and I have "put words" in Greta's mouth; playing the part of Doug. She is a ton of work, but very fun and LOVES people. My mom and dad's rescue cat has popped her in the nose twice for trying to get the cat to play. She just looked at me as if to say, "Why doesn't the kitty want to play? Everybody plays."