Monday, March 22, 2010

Targets and Progress

The sun dawns at sea during an early morning run and on the rebirth of athletic preparation.

Progress must be measured objectively. Like revenge, it is best served cold.

Unemotionally looking at the numbers, I should be happy. I've lost 22 pounds since October. My FTP (in the aerobars) is up 38 points. My pace per mile at aerobic pace has dropped 1:45. My pants that were tight in November are literally falling off my arse.

Set Your Own Targets
Bobby McGee once told me, "Targets should not become burdens, but rather a guiding light to your goals."

My winter targets have been achieved except in my best sport - swimming. I am three pounds away from my goal of dropping 25 this winter; with a chance to grab a few more pounds before the end of April.

Never cease from:
1) Dreaming for all you desire and pushing toward it.
2) Go after what you really want.
3) Passionately. Life is empty without passion.

"Consider each target achieved as a milestone on the journey of success." - Bobby McGee

I know where I am headed. Does your coach? Do you?

1 comment:

  1. I hope my coach know where I'm headed. ;-)

    Great job on all your achievements and thanks for helping me on my journey. I am blessed to have met you.