Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Tony Kornheiser Debate

Tony Kornheiser of ESPN 980 in Washington, D.C was recently ranting about how terrible cyclists are. During his rant he exclaimed that drivers in their 3,000 pound vehicles should "run them down", "kill them", "tap them". All comments that should earn a suspension from a Disney owned company, but that has yet to come. So much for a family company right?

Lance Armstrong touched off a firestorm on Twitter which landed him an interview where Kornheiser backed off of his homicidal suggestions to millions of listeners. During that discussion, Kornheiser admitted that his own daughter rides a bicycle to work. Lance handled the interview very well. I felt he explained the position of cyclists everywhere and lent a machete to Tony Kornheiser's intellectual thicket. At the end of the interview, Kornheiser seemed to come around to being nearly human again. Perhaps it was the onslaught of email, Twitter posts, Facebook posts, and letters to ESPN, ESPN980, and Disney senior management that convinced him he should change his mind.

I think the best response after Lance was Bob Roll. His well thought out, strong response was just what the doctor ordered. I'm posting Bobke's response with hope that readers of this blog entry will re-post it and pass it on. Let Disney and ESPN (a subsidiary of Disney) know how you feel in a sustained response to Tony Kornheiser's ignorance and public neglect of his FCC license's responsibility.

Enjoy Bob Roll's response. I certainly did.


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