Thursday, May 6, 2010

10 Years of Marriage Understanding: Happy Anniversary!

Today is our 10th wedding anniversary. (Feels like two.)

My wife and I met when our friend Kim INSISTED that we speak on the phone. I'll never forget that Kim came into my office one day (around lunch time) and said, "My friend Lorrie is on the phone. Speak to her." As Kim walked out of my office she said, "When you get married, I get to be in the wedding." She was. Thanks Kim-bro.

Lorrie is... how to say this... understanding and flexible. As am I. Our first wedding anniversary I booked a race in St. Croix - ON THE DAY OF OUR 1st ANNIVERSARY. Oops! I honestly thought race day was different for some reason. That's not the best part. Tim Hola and Andrew Kendzior were going to race in St. Croix too. Lorrie had to return to Chicago for work. Andrew came down a few days early to the island and we just hung out. It was a great time. Andrew and Tim were going to split a room at the "King Camanche Hotel". We met Tim on Friday after a swim in the bay. Andrew asked Tim, "How's the room?" Tim, "A little rough."

Tim is the kinda guy who goes camping in 40 F weather with a t-shirt and a vest. This made Andrew understandably nervous. Andrew goes into the hotel room and turns out like he saw a ghost, slowly saying, "I... I cannot stay here. You... you cannot allow Tim to stay here. Go take a look." The room was horrible. Imagine Cabrini Green (a terrible Chicago housing project); cigarette burn holes in the sheets, exposed wiring, peeling paint, broken tile, broken mirror, roaches. Other than that... nice. Tim knew it was our anniversary and said, "I'll just stay here. It's fine." I said, "Grab your stuff. We're going to my hotel. Lorrie will understand." I took a picture of the roach nest that Tim evicted from the hotel for extra evidence. Just as I did that a really large crab came out of a hole and started eating the roaches as fast as it could. That crab is probably 400 lbs. today.

As a non-athlete, have you ever shared a hotel room with three nervous triathletes before a Kona qualifier who are eating cheese (Tim anyway), shaving legs and have pre-race gas?

Lorrie was a good sport. The night before the race, we are all trying to get some rest. Nikki (now Tim's wife) calls from Carlsbad, CA). California is a full four hours behind St. Croix. She called at 6pm. 10pm in STX. Andrew and I almost hit the ceiling when the phone rang. Tim was out cold. "Hi, Bob. It's Nikki. Is Tim there?" "Hi Nikki. Tim's right here. Tim. TIM! It's Nikki for you." Here is where the fun starts.
Tim is sleep walking. He takes the phone and doesn't say anything for about a minute. Then, "uh, huh". Another minute. "Why don't you keep me up all night." 30 seconds "OK, love you tomorrow." Goes back to bed. To this day, Tim has no recollection of the phone conversation. Nikki, Andrew, Lorrie and I all remember it very well. The three of us were freaking out thinking Tim and Nikki were "on the rocks". Nope. Tim was still asleep and Nikki knew it. Later she told me that she told Tim she "saw a purple monster on the beach today" and that's when Tim said, "uh, huh".

In Kona, my meltdown came AFTER the final timing mat. So information told Lorrie and my brother Michael, "He should be here around 10:25 -10:45. Looks like he is running well." I was... until it took me 1 hr 7 minutes to go from mile 19 to mile 20. (I had run the first 19 in 2:20 or something like that.) The final 10km took me a just under 2 hours. Yep, I was tearing it up. Lorrie got nervous and then dehydrated. She had to sit down and then missed me finishing in Kona.

Mutual respect for each other is the key.

Livin' the dream.


  1. Happy anniversary to you both!!! :-)

  2. Happy anniversary to the two of you - that's a great story! :) You guys are so lucky to have such a great relationship AND to have found each other in the first place. Awesome. Lorrie is incredible - 3 athletes the night before St. Croix...WOW. Hugs to the both of you AND Greta!