Thursday, May 13, 2010

Goal: Fight the Entire Way

Not racing or training consistently has taken my edge off. Like a dull knife, it takes a lot of effort to cut meat. This weekend's meat is a half ironman (70.3). What I used to race four years ago, I now want to finish and "fight all the way".

In St. A's, I think I watched the heart rate monitor too much (concerned about actually running hard for the entire 10 km - how pathetic is that?) This week there is one goal: fight the whole way. I will wear a watch and record my HR, but more for data purposes versus pacing.

My main concern (once again) is the run. The temps are forecast to get to 94 F along with high dew points/humidity. Heat will be an issue. I'm planning hydration as if I am doing an Ironman. The last two years I believe I was hyponutremic at the finish. Swollen fingers, dizziness and all. I'm breaking the run (mentally) into 13 x 1 and a short sprint. Being sick these last four days hasn't helped my training efforts, but it is too late now.

Regardless of time (which I promise will be VERY slow) I just want to keep the mental part in check. FIGHT the whole way. Regardless of if I am MOP or BOP.

Come home carrying my shield high in victory or being carried ON my shield... dead for trying the entire way. Victory, this week, is defined by FIGHTING the whole way: REGARDLESS OF TIME. I'm not convinced I did that last race. I think I focused too much on heart rate and power versus "letting it fly". Not this week. Not up in here.

Fight on! (cue USC fight song)

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