Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mental Health Day

Today was great! I decided to stay away from the job search (project management and coaching) and go ride my bike and run. I needed a long workout, so why not do it on a Monday?

We started with a good breakfast. I even shared some water with Greta. She LOVES when I give her anything I have. If I have something, it must be good in her eyes.
I rode out and snapped a few shots at the bottom of Valley View Road. The shot below is looking up at the hill opposite of "The Wall". This doesn't look so bad. I think it is 6%, but GPS says 8 to 10%. I don't think it is nearly that steep.
Here You know you are on a steep hill when you can see the road on the other side coming out of the tree canopy. This is the top of "The Wall". We call this hill "The Wall" because thats what it looks like at the bottom when you are at mile 93 of a 100+ mile ride. Yes, that is the road in the middle of the picture Martha. "Big" Matt Erbele and I would do hill repeats on this during our 200 km rides. We'd do the entire valley (~5 km) over and over and just when you think you cannot do one more... you do one more... "for Pele".
Here is the approach to "The Wall". Notice how the road just disappears going up? This hill is (according to GPS) 18% and 0.97 miles long with one section (10') at 21.3%. Do this hill seated six times at the end of a 200 km ride and you are ready for Ironman. I did two. I'm not ready. I think I could have done one or two more. Still not ready. Locally, a lot... well... everyone pretty much avoids this hill. "It's too hard to get any benefit" was the last quote I heard. Weak. In the immortal words of Eddie Merckx, "Ride up grades, don't buy upgrades." I love Eddie's attitude. Don't try this hill until you can put out some power.
Some uninterested observers of my climbing. The white horse actually shook his head when he saw me turn around and start going up for another repeat.
Post ride, Lorrie, Greta and I went for a 5 km walk. This is a long walk for Greta. On our walk, we found our friend the baby turtle.
This is the creek at 0.5 miles from our house. The bridge build-out was delayed and changed because there is a 1" long fish in these waters who is endangered. They choose to live in my 'hood. Unfortunately for the fish, so do several birds who enjoy fish.

The night ended with a run up ski jump hill. Yes, this is an official USOC training center. About 4 miles from the house. Year round people ski jump off this 35 meter hill. Next week a bike race does loops around the hills in the neighborhood. Good luck.
I think the jump looks cool at night.

Our workouts complete, Greta brought her blanket to me and we watched the Blackhawks game.

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