Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sometimes its Easy to be an American

It's easy to be an American on national holidays. Show up to a parade. Put a flag up on the outside of the house. Did you know that there is only ONE company in the USA that makes flags here? The rest are made overseas. Pay for the Made in the USA brand folks.

Other times it isn't, voting - every time - not just on the "big elections". Buying an "I support our troops" yellow magnet (made in China) at the local Wal-Mart.

Some of us support the troops by sending things; weeks turn into months that turn into years. In 2004, I was nominated for the US Department of Defense Citizenship Award. The highest honor bestowed on a civilian by the USA. What did I do that was so "outstanding"?

Sadly, I just organized a group of people locally to start sending care packages to the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Not super human. Not even three hours of work per month. An award? REALLY?! Thankfully, the award went to someone who really deserved it. They make our efforts look like patty cake.

Yes, "unemployed", I am still sending things out to the troops. Wanna help? Send this to the USO or email me and I'll give you a unit overseas you can send it to.

Freedom isn't free.

Thank you to everyone who helps the troops complete their service with a little more comfort. Thank you to the troops for all you do or have done.

Care Package Items:
  • single serving cereal boxes
  • granola & cereal bars
  • pop tarts
  • instant coffee & coffee mixes
  • small powdered creamer & sugar packets
  • tea bags
  • hot chocolate packets
  • rice krispie treats
  • individual fruit cups & cans
  • raisins & dried fruit
  • individually wrapped snack cakes
  • cookies
  • cheese crackers
  • individual serving packets of powdered drinks (no liquids), Gatorade, MotorTabs, Country Time Lemonade, iced tea, Kool-Aid
  • easy Mac & cheese
  • canned soups & stews
  • canned chili - I like Hormel. It is great cold.
  • instant cup of noodles
  • instant cup of soup
  • canned turkey or chicken
  • tuna fish packets & individual serving tuna salad kits
  • pudding cups
  • individually wrapped sugar packets
  • chips, pretzels, popped popcorn, shoestring potatoes
  • trail mix, nuts and sun flower seeds
  • gum & breath mints
  • candy
  • beef or turkey jerky
  • crossword puzzles & sudoku books
  • sun screen
  • insect repellent & insect bite relief
  • frisbee, hackie sacks, cards, small foldable board games
  • dental travel kit
  • Wet Ones, Clorox wipes
  • Kleenex
  • waterless antibacterial hand gel
  • tide hand wash sink packets
  • baby wipes; small portable packets
  • deodorant
  • gel insoles or foot pads
  • Oder eaters & foot powder
  • antibiotic cream & anti itch cream
  • Imodium, Pepto Bismal Tablets, Rolaids, Tums
  • Band Aids & Blister Pads
  • Ibuprofen, Aspirin & Tylenol
  • Chapstick & Carmex
  • cough drops & throat lozenges
  • eye drops & eye wash
  • Wrap around sunglasses
  • disposable cameras (with bubble wrap envelope)
  • AA/AAA batteries
Below are a few shots of my dog enjoying the freedom you provide.

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  1. FROM PAUL WATERMAN via Facebook: what my brother asked for on his first deployment to Kyrgyzstan (Iraq mission, he's in FA-18's, so ground/enlisted troops might have differing requests): MAG LIGHTS (with different color filter set)!!! I also got him black & decker twisty lights as well. Said it was the best care package they got over there, lol.