Thursday, July 1, 2010

Health First

I notice that what is missed in triathlon more and more is the health and lifestyle benefits of being uberfit. You can walk to the office and not be out of breath. You don't get sick like others in the office. You aren't dragging with energy late in the day. You are more positive.

Recently, friends and family members of mine have had the following: surgery (3), broken bones (12), punctured lungs (1), DVT(1), pneumonia(1), hernias found(4 - one person), and Cancer (Hodgkins Lymphoma).

A lot of talk is about "what matters" in racing, but after the medals are put away (about seven days time before a medal I get finds its way into the sock drawer) there are still the health benefits.

I tell my athletes the following. "First we get healthy. Then we get fit. Then we get fast."

You cannot race fast if you aren't healthy (certainly not for long). You cannot get fit if you aren't healthy. You cannot get fast if you aren't fit or healthy. Get healthy. Then get fit. Then get fast. Nobody remembers what place you got last year in whatever race. People will notice if you aren't there.

As this weekend is Independence Day weekend, I wish to thank my friend Dan (US Navy Seal) for giving his lower legs for our freedom. Legs or no legs, pretty soon he will be healthy, then fit (always fit), and fast. He will be kicking so called "able bodied" people's asses at a race near you very soon. I got $20 on Dan against just about anyone. Thank you for your service and unbelievably positive attitude.

Most people are too afraid of their own success to even try to compete, get in shape or move forward with better health.

Give yourself the gift of health.

Happy Birthday USA! I may be Italian, Czech and Pol by heritage - but as my grandparents said, "be proud you are born an American".


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