Saturday, July 24, 2010

My Training: What is Worse than "Pathetic"?

I saw this at my client and had to take a picture. This was a person's lunch and reading material.

In the absence of real goals we drift from our desired path. I'm so out of shape that training to get in shape to train is tough.

In life, things are alright. (Isn't that always the case?) I am working as a consultant (5 month contract) so currently, I'm working. This means looking for a full time replacement for the end of November/early December time frame. For those of you NOT in IT, this is normal. People are interchangeable and disposable. It's kinda like being a technology hooker. Got the skills the buyer is looking for? They pay. No longer have the desired skills? You are on the corner and considering "enhancements". Luckily, my current client is teaching me Oracle 10g and 11g (the bee's knees of today's database world). This combined with my deep SME (subject matter expert) project management skills and human resource management skills SHOULD make me attractive as a job candidate for the future. It all depends on the hiring manager (HM). One HM at United thought I "would be bored" and one at Disney thought I was "a perfect fit for our 2011 plans". Hooray for 2011! Wonder if the bank holding my mortgage can wait that long? Unemployment sucks the joy out of life - and I have a REALLY SUPPORTIVE WIFE. It is damn near impossible to train appropriately when I lack structure in my career. This... I have learned.

So while I have "amazing skills", I have to wonder where the future is for me. Maybe this is what happens when you get into your 40s and have been RIF'd (reduction in force) a couple times in spite of 5 out of 5 on reviews and "A+" from senior vice presidents. Wouldn't an organization that has a person (notice I didn't say resource) doing this well want to KEEP said person and cut loose the lower performing people? Apparently, tenure still has many managers staying "old school".

I'm not going to worry about it. I cannot control other people. I'll just do my job well. In the meantime, I'll look for a career path that suits me.

Family has been fun. Lorrie and I are great. We have been walking with Greta a bunch. It's been fun. The only concerns are around my dad who is battling a new form of cancer. It sucks. Can't the man enjoy at least ONE year of retirement?

My most consistent training partner (except for Dick Lansing, Jay Silber and Brad Muckerheide); Is it time to walk NOW?!

Where was I? Oh yeah... training.

I am swimming three days a week now and starting to feel good in the water. I think I'll be ready to return to masters swimming come late August. This is a very good thing. I am riding two times a week. Sometimes more, but honestly it has been tough to climb onto my bike. I'm trying to ride with Dick Lansing in his preparation for Ironman Hawaii - so my weekly long ride is normally 90% of my volume. As Dick is a bit older than I am, the heart rate numbers work in my favor. I've been down in the 130s which is just what I need to burn some fat. Running... where to begin? How about (BEEP) running?! I am walking 1.78 miles to and from the office. Evenings have had some jogging there with a laptop on (and in pants). I need to get back onto running more regularly.

This person's illegal transition area sums up my year of racing and training.

The future... of my training is to train to train properly. Wrong place to be in August (basically) of a North American triathlon season, but an honest place.

I haven't been honest with my own training since 2003. That's a long time. Trust me - I'm looking at the logs. (Insert cartoon vomit sound here.)

Right now my goal for the remainder of the 2010 season is to meet my sponsor expectations, have fun, and lastly swim the Ironman distance (open water) in under 1 hour without a wetsuit. If I can do that by October, I will declare this year a success. I am already planning changes for 2011. More to come on that...

My athletes are all having marvelous years and I have marshaled a TON of races. Great experiences.

So, to the haters, why bother reading?

To the supporters, thanks. I'll be my old self soon. Very soon.

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