Thursday, July 8, 2010

Why LeBron James will go to Miami

Tonight should end the year long dance to obtain Mr. James basketball skill set. His decision won't be based on race, creed, color, or money (or even winning) as the talking heads on ESPN and every other sports "expert" would have you believe. It would seem that whoever signs James will be handed the NBA championship trophy. This blog entry is being written on an iPhone.

It will be based on sociology and his generational differences to other players and management.

"Walk" with me...
James is 25. His generation wants things NOW. Bring me a Starbucks and a book on my iPod. His generation doesn't want to work at things like a slightly older generation is sort of willing to do. He wants it NOW. Remember, this is a guy who had his HS games on ESPN. Tonight his free agent signing will be on ESPN. Got a Hummer (insert your joke here) for HS graduation. What the so-called experts are missing is that money, power, as well as winning and ego are not what James wants (unlike earlier generations). James wants fun. Easy. Fast. A Michael Jordan would never go somewhere he may have to really share a spotlight. This is what makes this decision interesting.

Look at any office in the summer and you will understand. The younger folks want to work from home (so do I), where comfy clothing (versus the corporate uniform), and still I see people leaving early, doing half assed work. They want benefits without the work. The word "earn" seems to be out of thier dictionary. This doesn't bode well for the sport of cycling and triathlon. Maybe it does. The work in the sport comes on their own terms. Another generational item.

Enter NBA teams-
NY Knicks- too much pressure to win, no teammates (like Cleveland). Nope!
Cleveland- no teammates, pressure to win; wildcard- thy do have money... For him.
Chicago- quality young team with potential (read: pressure), Jordan legacy (pressure). Only other option versus Miami. What eliminates the bulls? A new, defensive specialist coach. In the words of Bill Murray in the movie Space Jam, "Wait... I don't play defense." (work- not fun)
Miami- young stars, easy, warm weather, clubs, escape from Cleveland. Most importantly- less responsibility. Just what his generation wants! If Miami fails, there will be two others to blame. In Chicago James could have that too, but have you been to Chicago in February lately? It represents work. Everything James is seeing about Miami is "fun" right now.

In my opinion, based on his generation, James will pick Miami.


  1. Thank you... I'll root for ANY TEAM playing together versus 3x individuals.