Sunday, November 14, 2010

Teaching from a Great Aunt

My Aunt Hilda turned 90 on November 12.  Above is a picture of her with my cousin's fiancee and my other cousin's boyfriend.  While they are "tall"... Aunt Hilda is, um, little.

At 90 years old, Aunt Hilda lives on her own in Chicago.  Daily, she takes two buses each way to yoga, weights, spinning and a weekly balance class.  At her birthday party, my 4' 9" 93 pound great aunt was talking yoga moves and doing them as good or better then me as well.  We then talked about where the freshest produce could be found in different areas of the city.  Did I mention that my Aunt Mary is 103 years old and WALKS to church every morning at 5:30 am?

Their laughter? Infectious.  Their resolve?  Never stronger.  Their positive outlook on EVERYTHING? They don't know another way.  Complain?  Never!

Dear Aunt Hilda,

Looks like I have a new yoga workout buddy!  Happy birthday!  90 more!!  

Aunt Mary, please light a candle for me to be able to hang with you two.



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