Friday, January 14, 2011

6th Annual Cycle for ALS - Chicago

What if nobody survived a disease and the illness was so terrible that it completely exhausted the families, extended families and communities?  That's ALS.

21,000,000 dead

0 survivors

Chance of any treatment once diagnosed = 0% 

Well, you have a chance to change all that.  Across the country for the sixth year in a row, triathletes are doing something about it.

Why should a "healthy" triathlete or endurance athlete care about ALS?
Did you know that ALS, statistically, is "off the charts" as far as the odds you'll get this disease as an endurance athlete?  It is hitting younger and younger too.  Regrettably know eight triathletes, all under the age of 35 who have ALS.

What if the next ALS patient was you?  
Would you be interested then?

Come on out on the Advocate Good Shepard Wellness Center in Barrington, IL on 2/26 from 7am to 3pm.  Wear your team shirt.  A sponsor's shirt.  Your lucky shirt.

Join us in the fight against ALS.

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