Friday, January 7, 2011

Whoa... I Don't Play Defense Basic Eating Part I

Courtesy of  memorable quote from Space Jam

Michael Jordan: Bill! We're on defense! 
Bill Murray: Whoa hoa hoa! I don't play defense. 

On Monday, January 3rd everyone is a world champion.  "January World Champions" are seldom there when the "A" race rolls around.  I was talking to a guy and a gal (totally different training groups); both are doing Ironman Wisconsin.  Both are overtraining.  Self coach as they are - they are doing more miles than they should in January.  By March "training camp", they are "hoping to be re-energized by the excitement of camp".  Good luck with that.  

These same two athletes after telling me bragging about their "epic volume" told me that they were going to get "hot wings for dinner because I've earned it".  Now, I live in a glass house so to speak, however, if you are as committed as you just stated to your goal - go all the way.  

Nutrition is often referred to as the 4th discipline.  I would argue it is the first. 

Without good health - which starts with nutrition - you won't make it to the starting line.  We cannot survive without eating regularly.  Check out out the writings of Bob Seebohar.  Bob has gotten me back on track in my nutrition.  Noticeably, my energy is up.  My skin is clearer and I feel significantly better.

It all starts with what you eat.  I'm not talking about PowerBars, Clif Bars or any other processed (even if organic) food.  I think its funny how people are all over different protein powders instead of just having some trail mix. Which is cheaper?  Which gets processed faster?  Which would you rather look at if exposed to air for 24 hours?

The best offense is a great defense.  By eating right, you help your body's immune system.

We play defense here again.


  1. GREAT POST, BOB ! You are looking quicker in the pool as well

  2. Coach Bob, How do I join your team? You are an inspiration to us out of shape triathletes who seek to improve our body composition and race results

  3. Anonymous #1 - Thank you, I'm a long way away but it feels great to be training with fun people. Regardless of results - I win by having fun again and being in "shape".

    Anonymous #2 - Email me, Facebook, Twitter DM - We can get back in shape together and have fun.