Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Whoa... I Don't Play Defense - Eating Part II

Paleo diet, South Beach diet, Atkins diet, "goin' vegan"...  all have their methodology.

My cousin Sarah went vegan for her beliefs - she is an animal rights activist and a future vet or something or another to do with animal care.  Makes sense to me.  I can honestly say I'm pretty proud of her conviction.  Sarah is pretty smart - even if she does go to the Univ. of Illinois.  I won't hold that against her.   (U of I and I go way back... )

Do you need one of these fad diets?  Hell no.  Do you always need to eat organic?  Of course not.  Moderation is the key just like everything in life.  Your body will find homeostasis.

What do do?  This is what is working for me.  Eat more veggies than cheese.  Eat fish at least once every week or so.  Stay away from corn syrup no matter what the commercials the industry puts out say.  If you go to Starbucks - order actual coffee and not 1,600 calories of foam.  Eat a balanced meal - a plate full of rice or pasta and cheese is not a meal.

For best results:

1) Write down what you actually put in your mouth. I use Fitday.com (the free account) and sent the ID and password to several close friends and coach.

2) Plan your meals.  If changes occur, use Fitday.com to help you plan your next meal or calories.

3) Write down what you felt when you were eating.  (Why are you eating? - bored? - nervous? - time on the clock?  - biologically hungry?  - missing key foods out of your diet? (usually comes from analysis)

It's not rocket surgery.  (Get it? rocket science + brain surgery)

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