Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Fight

This morning it was a fight to get out of bed.  Tuesday was a big swim and then a killer brick and breakthrough running effort.  My two hour evening session felt easy - even with big power numbers and fast (for me) running splits.  That usually means getting out of bed is going to be really hard.  It was.  Knowing that today was another really tough swim - a fast, painful swim - didn't help at all.  I turned off my alarm clock and stayed there a second.  I easily could have stayed in bed.  Then I thought about a few folks, my last half Ironman and I had my clothes on before I knew it.

After winning the battle against my bed's tractor beam it seemed that everyone driving was still drunk and/or really tired too.  Once moving, just keep moving.  A body in motion, stays in motion.

The swim was as painful as promised.  The heart rate hit the numbers that I get in really big efforts.  On the main set, the most painful set this day; I suggested we do "fly" on the last set.  Everyone in the pool looked at me sideways.  Everyone, that is, except Joan.

Joan is my long time friend.  Joan is also a breaststroke specialist.  Coincidence?  So... after four excruciating repeats, as everyone in the pool was cooing down, Joan and I set up for a bonus set.  A broken, all out, 200... fly.  I prefer to think of these opportunities as an "extra opportunity for greatness".

It hurt, but no more than the other reps.  Did I come close to failure in the pool?  Oh, yeah.  Did we do a set that nobody else had the balls to even try?  Hell yeah!  After the set, my arms, chest, back and legs felt like stone.  The 200 cool down was painful except for one thing.  The giant smile that I had under the water.

The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary.

Fight on!

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