Friday, May 27, 2011

Before You Throw Stones at Lance...

I'm about fair.  I want to believe Lance is clean.  Society tells me to not believe.  There are a lot of people against him, but in this country public opinion doesn't convict you.  (Yet.)  So let's just wait and see what comes out before we get the lynch mob out.  Yes, I'm asking for patience in a world where people take supplement pills instead of eating right.

The list of people accusing him is getting longer, but again - that evidence thing gets in the way.  Have you ever been accused of something you didn't do?  How did that make you feel?  All I'm saying is to wait for the facts before we convict the man.  Does it look bad?  Yeah, a lot of what David Walsh found and George Hincapie said are the most damning.  Let's do this thing under oath.

I think another damning thing I see is that he beat guys who doped.  All of them.  Maybe he was just smarter at doping.  I don't know.  I wasn't there.  As much as I've seen Lance on TV, read about him in books and magazines, I don't know him.  At least he has been consistent in his communications and has promoted better drug testing in sport - where the testing process has been a joke.  Additionally, he didn't test positive and then say it was Jack Daniels whiskey or a "silent twin" or some other bullshit.

May I be proven wrong?  Probably.  Begs the question, if a guy in a sport with poor doping controls (at the time) beats all the guys who were doping - was doping himself - does it matter?  He is still the best of the best which is the goal of the competition - find the fastest guy.  If everyone is doping - didn't we find our champion?  Cycling has been like the SNL skit "All-Drug Olympics".

Mary Eggers had a fantastic blog about it which adds to this at

As a person who battled cancer myself (skin) and who has lost members of my family to cancer, I think we at least owe the man his day in court.

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