Monday, May 2, 2011

Closing the Gap

Two weeks out from my first serious race and now time is flying.  There is all kinds of stuff going on - but I won't go off track.  This is a triathlon blog.

I'm not in great shape.  Heck, I'm not even in good shape, however, I am in better shape than I was a year ago going into this race.  (This only took some consistency and discipline.)  In several ways, I've closed the gap back to good fitness.

  • Down 23 pounds (good start)
  • Power up a little in watts (+ weight loss means my sustained w/kg is much better)
  • Swimming consistently again, I'm almost competitive as a swimmer again (I would have been if I would have gotten my Masters State Swimming paperwork done a week earlier anyway.)   After swimming in college, competitive swimming certainly lost some luster.  I need to swim with FUN people who don't take themselves too seriously while they are swimming VERY HARD.  If I do go back to "meets" then I'm going back with a vengeance.  Nothing less will be acceptable.  I've set my sights on a high goal for my open water swimming.  It will be fun to see if I can do it and not experience a complete meltdown on the bike and run
  • Speaking of running- its coming along.  I'm working with a running coach for the first time since high school and I'm understanding how weak I had become.  Can't go back and change things, so let us move forward.  My big running goal comes in my last race of the year
  • Heat - I'm sitting in my home office with the space heater cranked... all day.  It is 90 F in here from 8am to 8pm as I write out workout plans and talk to clients.  Will it help in Florida?  Maybe, maybe not.  I'll say this, 50 F doesn't feel very warm to me anymore as it did two weeks ago
So what's left?  
Plenty!  This is why I love triathlon.  As an athlete I have to balance many things: diet, sleep/recovery, strength, endurance (in three sports).  It isn't showing up to the pool over and over for a beating.  Physically - I still have much to improve.  I'm a much better athlete than I have shown.  The haters will be out and commenting on that for sure.  The important thing is that I completely understand and apply what an old pro told me about competition; "It's you against the clock.  Everyone else can go to hell."  In a more emotionally intelligent answer I would rephrase it to, "The only performance that matters is the one you are putting in."  As a Type A personality (or a person with Type A aspects of their personality) I think it is important to understand what you can control and what you cannot.

How will I do in Florida?  
God only knows!  I feel better prepared than the last several years.  I have no pressure on me; not trying to qualify for anything or do a certain time.  I just want to race.  That's all.  Just go out and see what I can do right now.

I like much of my preparation this year.  That's more than I can say for the last six years.

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