Thursday, May 12, 2011

Grateful for the Chance

Didn't want to have to deal with this today... but, I am being forced to make important career decisions; just what you want going into a race.  While there are taper checklist items to be checked - I have to choose a direction.  NOW.  One decision I could make is to not make a decision at all.  Then I'd be like many executives in Chicago and would be allowing the market decide what I'd have to do.  That's not me.

So... in summary - I'm grateful for the chance to be here; on the cusp of major career path decisions and racing.  On to race "stuff"... (it's a triathlon blog after all).

My swimming is the strongest it has been since 2004.  (That right there is a statement.)  It is not what I would call "good", but for a M40-44 triathlete it is good.  Cycling is what it is - all base.  Power is there - we'll see how long I can sustain it.  I am finally fit enough to turn the 56x11 for an extended effort without blowing up.  Running - better.  I'm "trail ready".  I've run on nothing but "trail" and grass since March.  While I'm not sure how fast I can be - my goal isn't to be "fast".  It's much more simple.  The goal is to "just run"- big thanks to my running coach Janet for keeping it simple.  This is the plan for the entire race - take "just" and tack on "(swim/bike/run)".  Don't over think it.

I don't give a shit if I'm dead last.  All the other people will be in my race against my last three years of being a pile of goo.  If I make my goal versus the clock - this race will be a success.  That goal should be achievable.

I'm grateful for the chance to do this race for the seventh year.


  1. Bob, I'm no cycling coach like you are, but what the hell are you doing riding a 56 x 11? Why not the standard 53 that 99% of other folks ride? Just curious.

  2. 1) I'm on 650c wheels.

    2) I have very strong legs and 53x11 isn't big enough