Thursday, June 23, 2011

Lake in the Hills Sprint Triathlon Race Report

A few weeks old, but why not?

It was a rough week(s) leading into this race.  The goal was to just get a workout.  Met the goal.  The weeks before the race I was working in Madison, Wisconsin.  Living in a hotel.  Eating out for every meal (if you count a cafeteria as eating out too).  No pool.  No bike.  Just some running shoes.  So leading into this race I had zero workouts since 5/15 (the FL 70.3) - except two times 2.0 mile easy "sanity" runs.  Long hours.  No training.  Watching people ride by the client site in the aerobars or running on the trail is killing me.

Friday night I drove to Elkhart Lake to marshal.  Went to bed at 11:40pm.  Up at 4am.  Marshal.  Drive home.  Up at 4am.  Race...  (I'll sleep when I'm dead.)

Expectations were low.

The swim:
Pre-swim, I joked with Paula Hewson as she helped me with my wetsuit that "they need to make wetsuits that don't shrink."  Never mind that wetsuit was perfect when I was 165 lbs.  35 lbs more today... it was "snug".  The plan for the lake was to just swim "comfortably".  Remember, I hadn't swam since May 15 - my bad.  I don't have enough money to train.  Had to work.  Swim (turtle slow as it was) was still respectable.

The bike:
No power.  Hadn't been on my bike in a month and it felt like it.  It was fun to be riding.  Had the 60-64 woman's "champion" drafting my ass the whole way.  I blew snot.  Farted.  Nothing... she stayed right behind me.  A veteran racer.  Then I gave her a squeeze of water as I put some on my helmet to cool off and sprayed her.  Damn... didn't know she was that close.

The run:
T2 was a joke.  The inserts in my shoe needed to be fixed - twice.  So much for a "sprint".  The four mile run was like breathing through a straw.  Still, it wasn't as horrible as I had expected.  Races - even sprints - are hard when you don't train.  Even at slow speeds.

Did hear a few folks cheering for me.  That was unexpected and nice.  It was a fun day.  Any day racing is a good one.  Even if I'm embarrassingly slow, fat and out of shape.

There is only so much time.  The current economic conditions mean I must work as much as possible.  NOW.  Training is taking a back seat... for now.

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