Friday, June 24, 2011

Supplements & Life Focus

One of my athletes asked me, "What do you take?"  I laughed out loud.  "I don't take anything.  If I did, I should ask for my money back.  I'm not exactly 'tear'n it up' these days."

So, what should someone more focused on their athletic endeavors take?  I'm no doctor.  However, my advice would be this.  Talk to your doctor.  Get a blood test.  If you are low in iron - adjust your DIET.  Just about the only thing that I would endorse is fish oil, a multi-vitamin and maybe a "super food" type tablet - one for getting all your fruits and veggies if you don't eat well.

Don't take anything that you don't need medically.

Me?  Well, I'm going to a new doctor.  I think he even has a medical degree.  Seems to be a good guy.  Doesn't like the pre-cancerous spots on my arms and blasted me with a liquid nitrogen spray which felt like a thousand needles stabbing my arms and then a torch.  My skin boiled up with massive blisters (sexy) which started to pop and ooze.  (Painting a picture for you am I?)  A few band-aids and it didn't look too bad.  Until Greta the golden retriever took her leash (on our walk that very afternoon) wrapped it around my arm and ripped all the blisters off along with the skin.  Sure, it stung a bit.  (read: a lot)  I can't get mad at her.  She is a puppy (sort of) still.  She gave me an apology lick and all was forgotten.  Until 20 minutes later... when she ripped the other arm's blisters off.  Could you be mad at a face like this?

Time at my in-laws.

The "pre-cancerous" stuff is freaky.  It may be more than a little "pre".  More follow ups to come.  Not knowing is worse than knowing right now.  Out of my control.  The funny thing is... I always wear sunscreen.  I've been eating right - and still cannot achieve certain blood levels and other health markers.  Something "ain't right".  Some other medical issues going on which explain a few other things when I train, race and my inability to lose weight in spirt of eating right (even if I am not exercising a ton).  This needs to get fixed - pronto.

I always tell my athletes to get healthy first.  So 2011, will be a chance for me to get physically healthy and career healthy.  Be that staying in what I'm doing now, or changing to full time coaching.  The most important thing is to be healthy.  Physically.  Mentally.  Career.  Family.  Spiritually.  I have a few bold moves up my sleeve.  Nobody ever looks back and wishes they did more work in some BS job versus their passion.

I care about my family and friends, as well as those friends I have yet to meet.  Haters... well, I'll just delete your messages once I tack them up on the motivation bulletin board.

More Greta...

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