Friday, July 15, 2011

CLEAR to Workout

Got the call.  A great call.  No meds.  Start working out - easy and consistently.  Get back into working out.  I have an "athlete's heart".  This means a slightly enlarged heart.  Very common.  A giant relief.

What do I change?
Shorter runs - for now.  Diet is strictly being watched. Meaning - clean protein sources (usually grilled or baked) with veggies.  CHO (carbs) come from fruits and veggies.  In 2003, I watched my weight in a balanced, intelligent manner and toed the line at IM USA at 157 lbs.  I think I could have gone lower, but I was burnt out from preparing for Ironman for four straight years and doing a ton of travel for work.  (Burning the candle at both ends.)

While I'm working my tail off...  I have learned how to balance things much better.

See you on the trail

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