Friday, July 22, 2011

An Evening with Sally Edwards - Sporting Legend

When Runner's High 'n Tri announced that Sally Edwards was coming to speak it wasn't on a convenient day for me (which is quite an understatement).  Sally is a legend in sport; the women's sports "movement", the first Olympic Women's Marathon, among the first women to attempt and finish Ironman Hawaii, founder of Fleet Feet stores when stores like that didn't exist, founder of the Danskin Triathlon Series, creator of Heart Zones training systems.  All this before Title IX.  All this before large NCAA schools started using Title IX as the excuse to cut "non-revenue" sport and re-apportion money to football and basketball.  Wonder how that will work out for us in future Olympic games?  (I know how this will end.)  Getting back to positive - Sally wants participation for everyone.  Pretty cool.

I found her delightful and energetic.

Her goal?  Get America fit. Sounds so simple.

She gave 13 items that I thought were note worthy (as did she).  I found Sally inspiring and refreshing in this "everyone knows everything" environment.  I think the fact that many people except those long into the sport have no idea who she is contributed to the smaller crowd.  It made the session perfect for bouncing questions off of a living legend.

1) Your sporting success: 50% DNA, 50% YOU

2) Running isn't easy.  It's an endurance game.  Learn and become a student of running & training.

3) When was the last time you did something for the first time?

4) "Target Fixation" You accomplish what you focus on.

5) Your competition is your best friend.  Your competition makes you a better runner.

6) The person who starts the race is not the same one who finishes.

7) You have to believe in yourself because you can do it.  (This wasn't as rah-rah as it seems.  We talked about execution toward goals.)

8) The competitive weapons - HRMs, GPS, iPhone apps, Power Meters.

9) Never give up.

10) First to worst - when Sally started she was winning everything - in new and different events don't be afraid to be worst or last.

11) Follow your heart and success will follow.  I'm planning on leaving corporate life to be a full time trainer and coach.  Where are you going?

12) "365-fit" to be fit enough and ready to participate in any sport on any day 365 days a year.

13) Identify what you love and fill your life with it.  MOST people DON'T live here.

Words to live by.

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