Monday, July 4, 2011

Thor de France & Independence Day Thank You

Our annual watching of the Le Tour got real exciting really fast.  During the team time trial Lorrie knew to the second what Thor Hoshovd needed to get into the yellow jersey.  As I'm typing this, Lorrie is on the edge of her seat (literally) hoping for a another day in yellow for Thor.

Have a great Independence Day.  Thank you to all the friends we have in the military fighting for our freedom, namely: Ken, Tommy, Justine, Nate, Danny, Jeff, Dan, Andy, Lisa, Janet and Chris.  Looking forward to seeing you all at a starting line again ASAP.  No pictures of the special forces or Navy Seal guys.

Ken in Iraq with the owner of a restaurant who he had to take an AK-47 from.  They later became allies.                              

Ken doing his first Ironman finishing with "only" military training and 21 days of cycling before the race.

Tommy finishing the Pro race in Chicago.  Great swim.  Great bike (until a flat halted him).  Mailing in the run (won the following week in Washington D.C.).

 Justine and Tommy in Tucson.  Justine was 3rd overall.  Tommy won his age group at the Tucson Sprint on day three of our training camp.

Y'all know who that is right?  Neighbor in Kona.

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