Friday, August 26, 2011

Late Season Update

Whats up everyone!

Working (coaching) a TON.  When I'm not coaching, I'm marshaling.  When I'm not doing that... usually, late at night. I'm TRAINING.  I'm a big fan of late night/early morning running.  Getting cold these days.  It was 48 F the other morning.  NUTS!  I LOVE running in the heat.  Can you believe the summer is nearly gone?  Neither can I.

Coaching just got a lot more fun and cutting edge.  I just got a new software that allows me to put points on a video and then watch the form of my athletes - this is really great.  A real improvement over what I was using.  Also picked up an underwater camera which records in HD.  Amazing pictures.  The combination really helps show an athlete what is going on.

I've got a training group for the Las Vegas 1/2 Marathon in December.  Originally, I was going to coach for a charity but I didn't like the rules and I was going to miss too many of the mandatory workouts.  Not fair to everyone - so I had to decline and move on.  If you are going to be a coach - BE THE COACH and be there.  I was going to miss 8 of the 16 workouts.  That is unacceptable in the service I demand I deliver.

I'll be marshaling the PRO race at this weekend's Lifetime Fitness Chicago Triathlon.  This is always a fun and challenging race to marshal.  The athletes are FLYING and all the big shots (read: Charlie Crawford and Bill Touth - my bosses for USAT marshaling) are with me all day.  No pressure.

Got a call to marshal an ITU race coming up.  It will be my first time marshaling for the ITU.  Should be a great experience.  Lastly, I'm marshaling in KONA again this year - PRO field again.  Not sure if it will be men or women.  Women's field is always challenging because of the amateur men.  Doesn't matter what I do... because I'm WORKING IN KONA.

I will do some product reviews here in a few blogs upcoming.  Just need some time to do them.

Be great.

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