Thursday, August 11, 2011

Madison - Ironman Wisconsin Lake Temps and Stuff

Sorry to not have blogged in a while.  Busy times coaching, working and trying to train as well.

1st - the water temp in Lake Monona is 81 F - that's not a typo.  I'll measure it again this weekend.

Riding on the IM Wisconsin course -

Since Madison is relatively close to Minneapolis, Chicago and Milwaukee - Madison gets a TON of weekend traffic for people to ride their bikes "on the course".  While I believe there is some benefit to having a feel for the course and to have seen it a couple of times before the "big day", the current situation is insane.

Madison is being over run EVERY WEEKEND by the weekend warrior/age group triathlete and cyclist.  I've seen groups of 80+ riding 4 abreast on a two lane road with traffic backing up behind them.  Three weekends ago, Cross Plains, WI handed out 71 tickets, 150 warning tickets and many stern warnings about:  1) Littering 2) Public urination/defecation 3) Failing to stop at stop signs 4) Failing to signal turns among others.

I'm not asking for athletes to do anything other than to clean up their own act.  Signal. Stop. Use a restroom instead of someone's front yard as a toilet.  Ground breaking thinking - I know.  By doing some common sense things, hopefully the growing anger about weekend warriors will stop and we won't lose a great race close to home.

This Sunday I'll be speaking at the Ironman Wisconsin swim start with two time Olympic gold medalist and Univ. of Arizona swimmer (1996) Beth Bothsford.  Beth will speak about swimming efficiency and how to help for open water/triathlon with a few minor changes in thinking/application of force.  I'll be taking you through the Ironman rules as well as what to expect on race day in Madison.

There is an open water swim that we are associated with.  The cost is $10 if you register ahead of time.  $25 on swim day.  All the buoys will be on the IM course AND there will be SUP and lifeguard support - just like on race day.  So, if you are freaking out about swimming on race day... here is your LAST chance to swim the course before race day with full support.

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