Friday, September 30, 2011

Changing Seasons

Took half a day off yesterday and went fishing near my house.  Took Greta for an extra long walk and dodged some rain.  Kept thinking how the weather will be dramatically different next week.  Current temps hovering around 48 F.

I'm very excited about next weekend.  What we do as marshals has to be taken very seriously.  No two years are alike.  Triathlon is very different from when I first started.  The personal challenge isn't to beat any person, but to get myself in condition.  Perhaps if I am fortunate enough to get to the FOP again I will have some rivalries that mean something.  For most of us - the most important rivalry is with the clock.

I'll be blogging about what I see, hear and experience.  I consider it a privilege to be a part of the Ironman World Championship - yes, even as a marshal.  This will be my sixth time at the "big dance" of triathlon.  Pale by many in comparison (I realize) but every trip I learn more, meet more people and see new things.  Only in Kona can this be experienced.

Good luck to my amateur friends who are competing.  You earned it.  Now enjoy the opportunity (if not the pain) that you have before you.  Don't break a rule, because friend or not - I will tag you with a penalty.  THAT is my job.  A true friend (like the ones going) understand that.

Lastly, I am really excited to watch the CAF guys.  Scott Rigsby and Rajesh Durbal.  Scott lost both legs in an accident when he was dragged behind a truck and lost both legs.  Rajesh was born with some issues that caused amputation of his legs and one arm.  BOTH... will beat "QUALIFIERS who earned it" who have two arms and two legs.  Last year, Raj swam 1:17 with one arm.  He's in better shape this year...  1:17 - one arm and no legs.

Triathlon's post season is here.  It's time.

See the beauty if the opportunity that life is presenting to you.

I missed the HUGE buck behind this tree, but centered the tree in the frame.

A fine largemouth bass on this early morning trip to the river.  15.5", ~ 2.7 lbs.. No fish were harmed in this photo.

Looks like someone sprayed the top of the trees with red paint.
Rain moving through.

Sun is back.
We must take time to stop and smell the daisies. 
Most bright rainbow I've seen in a very long time.

My office mate and I are constantly playing tug of war.
Tired puppy - think long run tired.

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