Thursday, September 15, 2011

More Pictures from Madison

The Sun Prairie water tower.

Buy local!

View of my 9% grade hill that most days - I had to myself.

Best sushi in Madison is on the EASTSIDE!  Inexpensive and lots of it.

Jerks are here too.

Great thunderstorm east of Madison had an impressive cloud structure.

Office visitor one morning.

2x Olympic gold medalist Beth Botsford

Yes... a measured 9% grade hill!

The base of 9% hill.

9% base

"trail head" for my night runs

More trails

A F1 tornado came out of this storm it only touched down on the lake (thank you very much).

When in Madison...

Odd road hazards on the way home from Madison.

29 options of agave nectar - outstanding.

Now, it's a party

Yes... that is BLUE hair at the HyVee.  

Orafice view looking west

Pre- Ironman start

Ironman Wisconsin Helix

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