Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Since When...

I'm back in town again.  Feels nice to wash my dishes.  Speak to my wife in person and not over FaceTime or Sykpe.  To walk, brush and feed my dog.  She's pretty stoked about it too.  Greta has been sleeping on my feet every night since my return.  During the day, she seems to spend time between Lorrie and I in our respective offices in the house (Lorrie prefers the downstairs "study" and I prefer the upstairs headquarters.)

I got to see my chiropractor.  Dr. Crunch as he is known in our house (actually a misnomer because he isn't one of those adjustment happy stereotypical chiros.)  Dr. Crunch is known for his brutal honesty, root cause analysis and fixes.  I think my past athletic success is directly due to his unique exercises targeting the smallest of muscle imbalances.  His balance of eastern and western medicine has really gotten me back in the game.  

Dr. Crunch is from New York.  His practice is in Oak Brook.  That means for me to see him it is a 1-1.25 hour drive one way.  So when I go there - it is because whatever he does works.  He has fixed virtually every joint in my body and throw in my back for good measure.  My last trip gave me the wake up call I was needing. 

"Bob, I've known you for 10 years.  Since when do you take three days off in a week during the season?"  He wasn't done.  "How much do you weigh?  Is this the fattest I've ever seen you?"  Yes it is.  Thanks for noticing.  "When the hell are you going to make a difference in this weight?  I want to see you before Kona and I want four pounds off you."  We then proceeded to review my workouts for the next two weeks and plan my diet accordingly.  Two pounds down.  Two to go.  "Since when are you a fat ass?"  Jeeze, its one thing to point it out and another to wallow in it.  "This is bullshit.  You need to get back to being competitive."  
Even Greta got in on the intervention. (Thanks for the deal on the sweet all weather jersey David.)
Cannot argue with a word he said.  Since when do I stay up since 10:30pm?  Miss workouts?  Forget how to upload my watch?  

So, I've had my off season.  It's lasted about five years.  Five years of putting everything in front of the workout schedule.  It's time to get back.  It started today.  I booked myself into my own CompuTrainer classes.  I'm teaching AND riding - ALL of the sessions.  I'm swimming masters again.  I'm running again.  The results will take time.  

The next "since when" will be  a bit different.

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