Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What I did on my Summer Work Trip

Yes, I spent the entire late spring and summer in Madison, WI.  So much time in fact, that I was deemed worthy of now being considered an "honorary Wisconsin resident".  Ya hey der!  In this economy, you go wherever the work is.  It certainly was in Madison.

New aerohelmet

As a guy working two full time jobs (multisport coach and independent consultant) I work whenever work presents itself.  This summer there was no shortage.  My average day started at 4:15am - kind of typical right?  But never ended until 11pm (or later) most nights.  I had the biggest crew doing a single race ever nine at Ironman Wisconsin.  Two considerably large projects at my client in Wisconsin and life without my wife and dog five days out of seven.  How much was I away?  Well, one of the women who works at the extended stay hotel I stayed at trusted me to watch her newborn daughter for 10 minutes while she helped a guest.  I went running with the boyfriend of one of the front desk women.  I'll be getting upgraded at a certain brand of hotel for the next 12 months as well.
That guy is here again and I'm going to lick his head.

That guy is home again?
The most positive things that happened to me are re-finding the love of running.  I was running really awesome grass trails daily.  (Even if it was only 1.5 miles starting at 10:30pm.)  Swimming - I completely retooled my freestyle and backstroke under the instruction of Beth Bothsford (1996 Olympic gold medalist).  Beth's college coach now coaches where I swam in college.  I've been "maintaining" whatever level of fitness I had in May (read: not good), but I've been working a ton and was away from home.  I did manage to do two races this summer.  I was MOP, but had a lot of fun.  I haven't had this much fun since 2003.

My athletes have been a great deal of fun this summer.  Really great results.  By results, I mean my athletes have done more personal records and first time qualifying for different events in several sports.  It has also enhanced my enjoyment of the coaching experience.  It's not all rainbows, puppy dogs and ponies.  We've had DNFs and disappointment too.

Where does the journey go from here?  Not sure.  I'm considering opening up a storefront gym with classes and group training.  Yet, more consulting clients continue to call.

Next up - getting a large group ready for the Rock 'n Roll Las Vegas 1/2 Marathon.  I'm up to nine athletes (far from the 80 that were supposedly going to sign up).  No matter what the number... we will have fun.

See you at the gym, pool, trails, dog park or playground.
My God daughter Lauren (4th Birthday) and her little brother Mitchell.


  1. The Vegas race is FUN (it wasn't RNR back when I did it but same general idea) - only hard part is staying away from all the casino smoke leading up to race morning! :)

    See you in Kona!

  2. What scares me is that I grew up with a dad and grandfathers who smoked - a lot. Smoke (walking through the casino) doesn't really bother me - as long as I don't have to be directly next to it or stay very long. I LOVE that poker rooms are smoke free and that many high end casinos are banning smoking. LOVE IT! To me, it's not a swim meet unless I smell some kind of cigarette from some older woman's wrinkled lips and thinning hair mixed with the smell of chlorine.