Thursday, October 27, 2011

Happy New Year

In the triathlon world (according to me anyway) the year ends in Kona / Maui - Xterra.

Ironman is a spirit.  You don't have to toe a line somewhere to be one.  I know a lot of folks who work very hard and don't workout very much who I would call an Ironman.  Hopefully you guys get what I'm saying.  The single mom who does a 5k or sprint triathlon while raising two kids with a deadbeat dad, working two jobs.  Ironman.  The husband who does an occasional half ironman and works a full time job while maintaining a normal family, house and vacation schedule.  Ironman.  The volunteer who has been at EVERY Ironman - but has never been seen on by most athletes in any given year or ever on NBC.  Ironman.

Get it?  I hope so.

The new (triathlon) year brings new hopes and goals.  Take steps to learn from what you just experienced:

1) Pull your data together and sit down with your coach / friends.  Anyone who will call you on your own bullshit.

- Evaluate your coach
- Evaluate yourself as an athlete (Did you listen to your coach?)

2) Review your diet

3) Get a full physical.

- The whole shebang; EKG, running stress test, blood work, blood pressure, prostate/breast exam - TOP TO TAIL

4) Identify areas for improvement (I call these 'deltas'.) What would you change if you could go back and do things differently?

5) What did you do well?  (Really well - triathlon magazine type stuff.)

6) Celebrate

- Take time to celebrate the year with your family and supporters
- Eat bad food (once or twice)
- Take a vacation that doesn't involve a training camp or race

7) Set new SMART goals and submit them to your "team".

- I hate the word "team" but I concede that it does apply

8) Get back to work.

- I read a lot about "Ironman blues" and other mamby pamby crap.  Get a goal and start working on it

Next year is here.

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