Thursday, November 10, 2011

Penn State & Childhood

An Internet "blogger" friend wrote a very good blog about his childhood and how sports and watching sports affects him and his life.  He wrote it so well - I will just post the link.  My dad did his best with my brother and I.  We didn't have much, but we didn't know the difference because our mom and dad cared about us.  In that respect we were very well off.

Lorrie and I don't have children.  We do have many nieces and nephews and friends with kids.  We love kids and bought our house assuming we would have kids.  That won't happen for us.  When we see abused kids it rips out our heart.  Our dog gets more love and attention than a lot of kids - and we treat her like a well cared for dog - not a kid.

I challenge you to read the entire 23 page indictment of Jerry Sandusky here.  At this time 17 victims have come forward; and this thing is still expanding.  Remember... Mr. Sandusky started his "charity" in 1977.  There is a lot more coming out.  My blog and sports junkie friend Pat (who works for DCFS in IL) told me that the AVG pedophile assaults 117 kids.  Mr. Sandusky's situation wasn't average.

If you are still with me, you understand this isn't about winning college football games.

While Mr. Paterno did what was "legally" required the DA in Pennsylvania clearly called him out that he didn't do what was ETHICALLY correct.  Same for the wide receivers coach and "witness".  If you see a 10 year old boy getting assaulted are you going to make a phone call to someone other than 911?  There appears to be a lot of blame to go around and with PSU being a state run university - that puts the state and trustees in the legal line of fire.  This is why Mr. Paterno (and anyone else around) should have been fired.  If the university doesn't fire him - they are accepting his judgement and legally the university is certain to face civil legal action.  This is a risk management move.

When did we stop being human for the sake of "the program"?

We see similar reactions in business.  People protecting bad managers because they are a friend.  A real friend would get them training while hiring or promoting a qualified person.

Go hug your kids.  Talk to them about the types of people they may see.  Explain why they need to be aware of where they are (as much as a kid can).  This is an atrocity that all people should be disgusted at - regardless of which football sweater you wear.

There is more to life than sport.

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