Wednesday, November 9, 2011

This 'n That

Very busy getting new athletes up and running.  This time of year is the most exciting as many athletes are dreaming of future finish lines and accomplishments.  This is the time of year we work on form, diet and strength while building that aerobic engine.

Downtown Chicago at 5:15am headed east.
Last weekend I went to Annapolis, MD to attend the celebration of one of my athlete's and friend's wedding.  I've blogged about Ken before.  Ken is one of several clients who have become family.  I've coached Ken since he was in the US Naval Academy.  If you are in his age group you should be nervous - very nervous.  We had a great time.  I got to meet Noelle (now, Ms. Ken) and her family as well as get speak to Ken's family again.  I hadn't seen them since 2005 at Ironman Wisconsin!  It was a very enjoyable weekend.  I even got to run around the US Naval Academy and downtown Annapolis.

A US Navy fly over as part of pre-game festivities.

USNA Football team lining up for an extra point. 
Downtown Annapolis.
The evening was a great time meeting other friends and family of Noelle and Ken.

Upon my return... Greta was ready to play.  I managed to snap this shot just before she hit the camera with her nose.

Triathlon isn't everything in life.  Get out and live it.  "How do you know a triathlete is at a party?"

- Don't worry.  They will find you and tell you.

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