Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Viva Las Vegas! 1/2 Marathon Race / Week Report

Wow... what a week.  15 athletes.  Everyone running in different directions like marbles on a cement floor.

The race itself (Rock 'n Roll Marathon and 1/2 Marathon - Las Vegas) was fine.  A bit crowded and a zig zag at the finish were interesting - but at least not lonely.  Fun crowd.

Pre-race I had a brush with greatness.  I got to briefly talk to Meb Keflezighi in the hallway.  Seemed like a very nice man who was genuine.

What went well -
1) Day pre race - had fun.  No stress.
2) Race pacing was solid.  x:xx as per the goal.
3) Found some of my athletes on the course.
4) I ran 19+ miles.  Not all at goal pace - but 13 of them were.  I turned around and went back out to find my athletes and run with them.  I'll take that right now.  My "long" run was 8 miles going in.  (though I did several 8s in a week and a lot of swimming and cycling)  Still... a long way to go before I'm even "awful" at running again.  Next year... I'll meet everyone at a restaurant/bar.
5) Running Vegas at night was FUN!

What I'd change -
1) I'd bring my laptop. Pre-race the RD (in my opinion) didn't give us good enough information regarding the location of gear check and other logistics.  Knowing what to expect now... I'd like a rematch.
2) I'd have all the folks meet the first night we got to Vegas.
3) We'd have team race kits.
4) Arrive earlier.  Too many people squeezing in and out of the race venues.

In all, I'd endorse the Rock 'n Roll Las Vegas 1/2 (not the marathon).  The half was fun and reasonably under control.  The full marathon (unless you are under 3:45 pace) was not a real fun race for many. Crowd movement was a bit of an issue.  A drunk woman ran into me at mile 8 holding her beer.

Post race - more restaurants at the hotels need to be open.  After a shower, it was 10pm and Sunday night (even in Vegas) restaurants were closed.

Decent race that I would do again.

Any takers?

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