Friday, February 24, 2012

Personal Update: Milestones

Well, this week some milestones were made in my world.  Dismiss this if you will, but I'm seeing marked improvement with the attention to detail in my training, diet and most importantly rest and recovery from training sessions.

Lowest body weight since 2007
Lowest body fat percentage since 2007

Fastest 400 IM since 1991
Fastest 200 BRST since 1991
Fastest 500 Free since 2003
Fastest 11 mile run at Home Eco since 2003

Highest sustained wattage in a computrainer session since 2001
Highest weekly running mileage since 2005
Highest weekly swimming yardage since 2003
Highest weekly cycling time (indoor) since 2003

While all this is exciting, I understand that I have a long way to go in my own athletic development.  I am making progress toward my goals.  Amazing what happens when you train with a purpose and monitor what you are doing.

There's the key.  Monitor what you are doing.  I always have a heart rate monitor on except in the pool.  Those who swim with me know that I'm taking my pulse during sets all the time in the pool.  So I'm watching what I'm doing.

During computrainer sessions, I am lowering (or raising) FTP thresholds as this changes the amount of work the riders do.  It makes a difference in the heart rate and helps you control the training dose.

Most importantly, I'm using  Wednesday I felt fine.  Upon waking, I put my data into Restwise.  Then make a decision on how I'll approach today's workout sessions.  As I'm approaching my mid-40s I recognized that something had to change.  The old "diet and exercise" wasn't enough.  I had to be smarter in my execution.  I've used compression gear, a tense unit, more sleep, a heart rate monitor, a computrainer (monitoring my power) and Restwise.

I'm finding that I'm not slogging through my training sessions like I used to.  My feeling is these sessions now are having a greater impact on my overall fitness.  I don't have the time to train that I did when I was younger.  Even if I did... I'm not sure I would do it.

Who knows where I rank among other people my age.  I don't really care.  I'm more excited about getting fit.  With fitness come results.  I'll just get more fit.  2012 "races" are just participation events.

I'm not a kid anymore.  Recognizing that and making changes in my training AND RECOVERY plan has made a significant difference.


  1. Bob, since I'm training mainly for Olympic distance events this year, do you think the Home Econ run would be a benefit to me? Is it too long?

    Thanks for your input.


  2. Hi Chris - It depends. What is your run volume? How fast are you running?

    In general, I wouldn't do that run every week. (I measured it as 10.89 miles (depending on where you start.) On a longer week, sure. I'd suggest going out there and doing the first 4 miles (8 total) and doing variations of your long run.