Friday, April 13, 2012

Helmets, Sun Sreen and (Un)Common Sense

As we transition into full outdoor training and racing mode, a quick reminder about sun screen and helmets.

SUN SCREEN: My favorite sun screen is KINeSYS.  Oil free.  Alcohol free.  Doesn't hold heat in (like a large brand sunscreen) AND (wait for it...) WORKS!  KINeSYS is such a great product that it literally does it all - green product, blocks the damaging sun rays, family owned company, American company.

I've used KINeSYS since it was first available commercially.  I HIGHLY recommend you use it.  Protect your skin and your health.  You don't want to look like an elephant when you are 50.

Use KINeSYS sun screen and DON'T look like this when you are 50.
HELMETS:  Every year around this time I see parents riding their bike with their kids and it makes me feel good... until I realize that the parents are not wearing a helmet while little Suzie or Johnny is wearing everything but an armored car.  Another scene I see at triathlons are athletes riding their bike up to a transition area with a large bag or backpack of stuff for a triathlon with NO HELMET ON.  Genius!  Had one person with their helmet clipped on their bag last year.  I guess they wanted to make sure that if they take a spill their gels won't break open.

USAT allows marshals to DQ any athlete BEFORE OR AFTER the competition for riding without a helmet.  It is basic risk management at the simplest level.

Risk reduction

Risk reduction or "optimization" involves reducing the severity of the loss or the likelihood of the loss from occurring.

Always wear a helmet.  You have one brain.  Protect it.

As cute as this looks... what would happen if they fell?  
Riding Outside:  Now that we are back outside riding... a public service announcement.

Assume all drivers are drunk, high, texting (distracted), angry, in a rush, have a loaded weapon in the car and HATE cyclists.

They are not LOOKING for you.
They do not EXPECT you.
They DON'T CARE about you.
They don't SEE you.
Assume you are "invisible" to drivers.

This is a very real possibility every time you go for a ride.

Nothing is worth your death.
Take my word for it.  Getting hit by a Chevy Tahoe hurts (drunk, 25 year old woman at 5:38 pm on a Thursday).

Watch out for YOU.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

7th Annual Cycle for ALS

This is the seventh year since I started doing a ride for ALS.  No one in my family has ever had ALS.  Several people in my triathlon family have had ALS.  Things to understand about ALS:

1) No treatment

2) No survivors

3) If affects endurance athletes at an alarmingly high rate

Thank you to Village CycleSport in Arlington Heights, IL, Runner's High 'n Tri in Arlington Heights, IL and all the folks who made the extra effort to drive up and see us.