Thursday, June 28, 2012

Product Review: BioEndurance Bar

If you are from the Chicago area you probably know Meredith Vieceli (Beers). She is now making energy bars. Meredith is a nutritionist and is demanding higher quality from the field of bars available.

You can order her bars at Runner’s High ‘n Tri in Arlington Heights, IL or at her website –

There is a new bar in triathlon.  People will take notice.

As Meredith said, “The energy bar market is crowded with candy bars that are dressed up as “wholesome” sports nutrition bars. I set out to create a bar that I could proudly offer to my clients, athletes and health-conscious individuals who want the best quality, organic ingredients in a raw, energy bar that tastes delicious.”

She really hit a home run with this bar.

EVERY bar manufacturing company should be nervous. Make that very nervous. Especially as athletes realize they can eat real foods versus paying for a prepared food.

Meredith said, she had four goals for the bar – she hit them all.

1) Each ingredient must serve a functional purpose. The ingredients should be easy to digest, slow burning, energy boosting, and help speed recovery.

2) Each ingredient must be of the highest-quality, raw and organic. I will never compromise on quality of ingredients

3) This bar must be free of peanuts, soy and dairy. Since so many people unknowingly have sensitivities and intolerances to these ingredients they’re not part of the recipe.

4) This bar must be delicious. If it doesn’t taste good – no one will eat it.

Look MOM!  Real food ingredients!
When you open the wrapper - you smell lemon and almond.  It is not greasy like a Lara Bar, stiff like a PowerBar, solid like stale oatmeal like a Clif Bar (and I like all those bars a lot).  This is easy to eat and tastes like real food - because it is real food.  (SHOCKING, I KNOW!)

I'm excited about this bar.  My God-daughter Lauren has a minor peanut allergy, but enough to make sure I watch everything we bring her.  Knowing that we can give this bar to her is HUGE for our future trips to the zoo, fishing and her activities. 

Order this bar by the CASE.  I will be.


  1. Thanks for the review, Bob! I'm so glad that you like the bars. You're absolutely right that athletes are realizing that whole food nutrition is the way to go. I appreciate you spreading the word.

    Eat Well, Train Well,
    Meredith Vieceli

  2. I ate a ton of free Cliff bars in Iraq and enjoyed a couple of flavors. I also have tried some other bars and although they provide sustenance and convenience, none had the "wow" factor of these bars. Even if they didn't have Chia seeds and other organic ingredients, the bar would just be delicious. I went for a run with reigning Ironman World Champion Craig Alexander last week in IL, and I've heard even he enjoys them. Great product for Triathletes or anyone who just wants to have one of the best nourishing energy snacks on the market. - SGT Berry OIF 03-04 , 09-10.