Friday, June 15, 2012

Real Toughness vs. Workout Smack Talk

This blog is inspired by my military friends: Brian (EOD), Ken (Marines Special Forces), Jeff (USN Seals), Nate (Marines), Andy (USN), Justine (Marines) and Tommy (USN UDT).

I'm sure you may have noticed this too.  Read Facebook, Twitter, blogs, emails of your friends who train and race.  Who are the real bad ass MFers?  (That's right, I went there.)

The real tough guys and gals are the ones NOT talking about their training or "EPIC" workouts- with a few exceptions.  They are humble. 

You know what I'm talking about if you have friends who "race".  Every day people post that they (fill in exercise here) at (pace).  It is so one dimensional.  Do you really need me to "like" your workout for you to feel good about it?  Someone recently introduced me as "This is Bob the triathlete".  My response was "Oh, I'm so much more than just a triathlete, but thank you."  Honestly, I really don't feel much like a triathlete because I'm so far from where I used to be... and even then I was probably a B+ compared to many.  We all are.  Its one thing to focus on your sport and achievements.  Its another to have life whip past you. 

Case in point: One of our friends (Kara), turned 40 this year.  She isn't doing an Ironman, a marathon or the Cross Fit Games.  However, on her birthday she did this workout:

500 WU
40x 100 on 1:30
300 pull
200 easy
(5000- she couldn't just leave it at 4700... had to be an even number)

Then, biked 40 miles.  No big deal right?  For many, no.  However, Kara went out to "The Wall" in Bull Valley and rode up it 20 times.  TWENTY!  My best is 12 and it wasn't on a day when I did 5.000 yards in the pool.

To finish her day (no, she did not run 40 miles) Kara went to the track... and did 40x 400m.  To be honest, I don't remember what time she ran or what interval she was on.  Who cares?  What a workout! 

After this, did Kara post her workout from her Garmin... no wait... she doesn't have one.  She has a crappy Timex from 1997 that she still wears.  No heart rate monitor.  No SRM.  Just time.  She didn't tell anyone - except those of us who were with her for PARTS of her birthday workout.  Not ALL.  NOBODY did it all with her.  It wasn't until three days later when all of her friends were talking about how sore they were from working out with Kara on her birthday did we realize that we all got a whoopin' from Kara.  I won't even tell you about how she also out drank us all that night because it is well... embarrassing.  My excuse (a good one) is that I was driving and I don't drink anything and get behind the wheel, but even if I had a designated driver... it would have been like the drinking scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark. 

There was an old saying, "The person saying it can't be done is interrupted by the person doing it."  I think we can now say, "The person (Facebooking, Tweeting, etc.) about a workout is passed by a person doubling it." 

Kara is a great example of humbleness, balanced life and hard core, bad ass athlete.

Not ONE of my military friends talks about their workouts.  Not one.  There is a lesson in there if you pay attention.

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