Friday, March 29, 2013

8th Annual Cycle for ALS

Long time no talk - I have several draft blogs to post, but like everyone... I'm super busy.

This has to be posted NOW.  :)  Triathlon can be a selfish sport - however, it doesn't have to be.  We can give to multiple causes if we choose.  In 2012, I raised money for ALS, MS, Cancer and Brain Injury foundations.  There are an unlimited amount of great causes.  Here is one that is worth your time...

In 2005, I was a volunteer at Ironman Hawaii.  I had three athletes and eight more friends racing.  I met Bob Blais and then Jon and Mary Ann Blais.  Jon - their son - had ALS and eventually died of ALS.  He is the ONLY ALS patient to attempt Ironman - and he finished.  What I saw that day is nothing short of a miracle.  Arms and legs that didn't work when commanded.  A body in full revolt - BEFORE the race even started.  Jon had a message about the disease and it needed to get out.

Since then, my friends and I have collected money each year for ALS research in Jon's name.  I even had the honor of spreading some of his ashes with his parents.  ALS is a very serious disease and it seems to affect triathletes and long distance athletes in percentages more than the general population.  So, there is a high likelihood that it will affect someone you know. 

ALS - Lou Gehrig's Disease:
1) if you get diagnosed today - you get no treatment - NONE EXISTS
2) the disease is like your normal mental state - but being unable to do anything or control your muscles
- a horrible way to die.

The 8th Annual Cycle for ALS will be next Saturday, April 6th beginning at 10am at Village CycleSport at 1346 N Rand Road, Arlington Heights, IL.

Rules are easy and simple:

1) Donations are what you feel you can give.
          a) We've accepted donations of $0.10 to $10,000 (and more) - whatever you feel you can give.
          b) 100% of the donations go to ALS research - we keep NOTHING for managing the event.
2) Ride time - come ride our computrainers on YOUR bike.  If you want to ride 5 hours until we stop at 3pm - no problem! 

If you would like to do an FTP test as your "ride" I'll facilitate it accordingly.

This ride is a great way to hang out and chip in to solve the problem of ALS.

Can't join us but still want to help?  You can donate on this link (and please reference Kokua Multisports in the memo).

See you on April 6th!

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