Wednesday, November 19, 2014

2014 In Review

What a busy season!  I cannot believe we are approaching Thanksgiving.  It feels like January.

I'm thankful for many things in 2014:

1) Clients that are open to new training ideas - All of my clients were given training events that were very different and challenging from what they were used to from other coaches.  This opened their eyes to strengths, weaknesses and opportunities that they have ahead.

2) Clients that sent me SIGNIFICANT data.  All of my clients sent me ALL of their power and heart rate files.  I used this with a new analysis methodology which yielded very interesting changes in workloads of my clients.  Ironman athletes in the "big volume days" were taking three FULL DAYS OFF - unheard of.  However, the data proved that this was the right course of action.  Sometimes more is just more.  The personal records and data prove this without any doubt.

"In God we trust.  All others bring data."

3) Sub5 Performance & Coach Janet Smith-Leet - Janet has taught me how to run efficiently, rehabilitated my shoulder and my mind.  Personally, I'm a long way from "competitive".  But that wasn't my goal for 2014.  I work a lot of hours and odd hours at that.  I'm grateful for the group and look forward to training and racing with them more in 2015.

My goals for 2014 were very simple: 
1) Establish good habits in training - even if frequency wasn't something I could control.  - COMPLETE

2) Establish good eating habits regardless of work - COMPLETE

4) USA Masters Swimming Elite Training Camp - this was a week in August that was simply awesome.  Not only did I get to swim with 19 people who were all amazing swimmers AND people, but I realized that I need to swim more competitions.  I really love swimming even if many adults don't.  This will be in my 2015 goal planning.

5) Work, my Team, & Speaking Professionally - 2014 afforded my opportunity I had not seen since 2007 and love of my profession not seen since 1996.  A team that is supportive and working together at mach two speed 24/7/365.  Lastly,  the opportunity to speak in front of a professional audience on several occasions (triathlon business and technology security business).  I love speaking and enjoyed the honor of being a featured speaker backed by several companies.

6) Hanging out with my family - 2014 we did four "trips" where I was with family.  It was glorious.  A cruise in spring.  Vegas during pool season.  A midwestern trip in the summer.  Vegas again to run and just hang out with extended family.  Sure, I may have "missed" some races, but I hung out with my family.

2014 hasn't been all "ponies, rainbows and lollipops", but it has been good.