Coaching Information

My Mission

It is my LIFE to provide athletes with an affordable and custom training plans specific to each athletes’ goals. I offer levels of service, depending on how much of the National Triathlon Academy and Coach Troy's DVDs you desire to be sent to you.  I believe that every athlete deserves a high level of attention.  Your questions and daily changes to workout plans get immediate attention and access to your coach should not be limited.  EVER. 

Only a hand full of athletes have achieved their highest levels of achievement without coaching.  I would argue that those athletes could have been greater with a coach in order to reach their full potential. This is for a several reasons, such as: overall experience, guidance (shorten the learning curve significantly), support, physiological knowledge, and motivation to achieve each individual's highest performances.

I have been a certified coach since 2001.  The majority of the year I am coaching out of the Chicagoland area.  I currently work with athletes from all over the United States, Canada, Mexico and Europe.  I believe that via technology and things like Training Peaks, YouTube, Google Documents, Skype and iChat web conferencing the world is a very small place.  I think this thing we call "the internet" might just stick around.

My Background

My first experience in multisport was a pre-season swim team triathlon.  I won coming from behind with solid legs in the swim, bike and run.  Notably, not the fastest in any of the three sports.  Just the fastest when you combined the time.  My first organized multisport event was an adventure race in Great Britain when I was staffed there with one of the global big time consulting companies.  The event had swimming, rowing, running, archery, ropes, and navigation. I was hooked!

Having grown up a swimmer and always being active as a kid, I would "train" to get to events.  If I wanted to swim, I had to ride my bike to swim practice nine miles one way (uphill, in the snow both ways).  Then as my swim team friends got a cushy ride home... I rode my bike to a full time summer job where lifting and sweating was daily life.  Afternoon swims were followed by weights... and a seemingly ENDLESS ride home.  Six days a week. 

My formal training is in program management and adult learning theory.  I have a degree from the University of Missouri and have been accepted (but not started) the University of Notre Dame's prestigious MBA program.  I've completed management and leadership courses from Stanford University, The Walt Disney Institute, Paul Brunton's Project Management "Boot Camp" (UK).  I am a USAT Certified Coach and Certified Spinning Instructor.  What makes me unique (among other things) is that I am also a USAT Certified Marshal (Cat 2) and a WTC Certified Pro Marshal.  I've marshaled the pro field at the Ironman Triathlon World Championship the last three years as well as at Ironman Wisconsin and in 2010 was the Head Official for the Racine Ironman 70.3.  Part of coaching is teaching the rules.  Your little league or soccer/futbol coach didn't just stick you out in the field and say "play ball".  They taught you HOW to play the game.  I think this is missing in today's coaching experience.  Athletically, I come from an NCAA Division I Swimming and Water Polo background.  I earned six varsity letters (didn't play water polo my junior and senior seasons) in college.  I was an All-Big 8 Conference Swimmer.

I have coached the Northwestern University Cycling and Triathlon team.  I was the personal coach to three members of the National Collegiate Triathlon Champion US Naval Academy team.  I have coached two pro/elite triathletes (both currently in military service).  One of my athletes (a full time commercial electrician) won the USAT Long Course Duathlon National Championship in his age group (much to his own surprise).  I've coached people to Boston and Kona as well as other top national and provincial races.  One interesting fact... 100% of my athletes who have raced in Kona PR'd in Kona - of five athletes. I also have a good track record with Clydesdale and Athena athletes.  I have three clients who tried out for NBC's Biggest Loser reality TV show.  Their starting weights were 506, 417 and 316.  Those individuals are now 200, 185 and 196.  Anything is possible when the athlete and coach are passionately after success together.

Career highlights include
  • Over 70 multisport events and triathlons 
  • 5 Ironman finishes (Kona, Canada, Great Floridian - USAT National Champs, Lake Placid, Wisconsin)
  • 40 x 70.3/Half Ironman Distance (including the Clearwater World 70.3 Ironman Championship)
  • Open water swimming championships and records at 1, 2, 6 and 9.5 miles
    Coaching Services

    I build training individual training plans in Training Peaks using your heart rate and power training zones.  I have formal training in heart rate training, advanced power analysis, and biometric breakdown analysis (of your form). All of my clients receive a Training Peaks account when you sign up with me.

    I provide include unlimited email and phone support.  I believe that if you have a question - you deserve to get it answered.  Lastly, I make it a requirement that my athletes contact me on a regular basis in order to keep an open line of communication. 

    • As the season progresses, it is important to know how to identify how much mental and physical stressors you have on your body.
    • By measuring your training, we are able to help predict performance and even take the "guess work" out of tapering strategies.  Quite simply, I take the guess work out of it.